From Footballers to IFM – All for the Love of Football

Football has always been a major part of our lives, from the early days as a 4 year old kicking the football around in the back yard, to the afternoons rushing home from school grabbing a football and heading straight to the local park to kick the ball around until the street lights came on: knowing that our fathers signal to head home for dinner would be echoed through the streets within a few moments, just like a final whistle of a football match. I am sure that most of us can relate to when their love affair with the beautiful game began.

Aside from the hours of watching our heroes playing on TV in the wee hours of the morning, (which was hard with the coverage we got in Australia at that time) to making our way through the ranks of youth league to breaking into reserve and then first teams began. With an extensive amount of experience gained and mixing football with full-time work and developing new skills and business acumen.

Eventually for one of us, the game of football mixed in with a passion for travelling would lead to living, working and playing in England, Germany, Holland and Malta, thus creating a perfect European base for a new business opportunity in football. The transition from footballer to working with the football family would only be a matter of time.

So it happened, from footballers to football intermediaries & consultants – all for the love of the game. The next and exciting generation of complete football industry services is here and, a new chapter in our football and professional lives began, a new chapter of consultancy, intermediary and advisory services, Integrated Football Management.

With a holistic and professional set-up which covers the globe – from Europe, Scandinavia, The United Kingdom, and the Baltics to the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia. IFM offers an extensive range of professional football management services in which our clients can be sure that their football needs on and off the pitch are covered from A to Z.

Visit our Contact Us page and get in touch with one of the IFM team to hear how we can take your football, personal and professional needs to the next level.


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