About IFM

Integrated Football Management (IFM) is a comprehensive Football Management and Consultancy Company led by a team of experienced consultants, agents and dedicated client management staff who ensure that your needs and requirements are met to the highest standards, both on and off the football pitch.

With headquarters in Europe, The United Kingdom and Australia, IFM specialises in offering an extensive range of professional football management, player intermediary, agent and consulting services.

What sets Integrated Football Management (IFM) apart from everyone else is that we put our client’s needs, requirements and dreams first and foremost to ensure that we provide them with a holistic approach and guidance from the start.  Through extensive profiling, scouting and football analysis, we ensure that our clients get a personalised, specialised and comprehensive service, which serves their needs, goals and values.

Our services include:

  • A cohesive range of football consultancy services for semi-professional and professional football players, coaches, clubs and affiliates
  • Player intermediary and representation
  • Talent identification, profiling and scouting services
  • Business development & consultancy for football clubs, affiliates and 3rd party agencies
  • In-depth business profiling and project consultancy
  • Integrated management, recruitment, legal and advisory services
  • Marketing & public relations
  • Sponsorships & endorsements
  • Personal brand, image development & career planning services
  • Friendly match & pre-season tournament organisation
  • Event management and co-ordination
  • Creating and developing business partnerships

We are looking to collaborate with players, football clubs and organisations who share the same professionalism, philosophy and ambitions that the IFM team follow in order to create a prosperous and long-standing partnership.





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