How The Story Began

The Integrated Football Management (IFM) story began many years ago over many coffees in cafes and conversations in our living rooms in suburbia Sydney, when a few best mates and at the time semi-professional footballers, were talking football.

Back in those days, there was no type of representation of footballers like there is today nor was there great opportunities for young and aspiring footballers like us to pursue a career in the game from Down Under in Australia.

We used to sit around and say to each other that after our playing career was over that we would start-up a business that truly represents the key values of our beautiful game – one that would enable us to work with footballers, clubs, coaches and, affiliates who give their all to fulfill their dreams and to conquer their goals within the footballing world.

Fast forward a few years and fair amount of espressos, passionate dinner conversations and late night living room gatherings later, one of us decided to make the move to live and work in Europe. The early morning coffees were replaced by late night video conference sessions from Europe to Australia and finally, Integrated Football Management (IFM) was born!

The dreams of building our own football management company which would allow us to advise, consult and educate the key people within the global football family had become a reality. The football roller coaster ride which took us through the highs and lows: from the thrills of winning, the pain of defeat and the long road back to recovery from injuries as well as long lasting friendships and, the characters we met along the way. These experiences, our career paths, and the lessons we have learnt and the research that we conducted is an integral part of the core values we abide by and the brand that we have built.

Building IFM it has given us the opportunity to give back to the football community which gave us so much in life, as well as to enable us to work with professionals from around the globe – to help, consult and advise them as well as to share our philosophy and experience with them.

Nowadays, and with IFM slowly getting into its swing, we have created a simple philosophy that we share with our clients. We profile, analyse, advise and live and breathe football – we have all along, and now we have the opportunity to put these practices into our everyday profession. From profiling a certain football club, on a scouting mission to find the best players to fit the mould of our football club clients, to consulting clubs, players and organisations on practices on and off the field.

Every day, we have the opportunity to share our love, passion and expertise in football as well as to help and share it with others in the game – from players, coaches and clubs, we know that what we offer is different to others, it is more personal, more open. It comes from a blend of our experience, our innovative and holistic approach as well as a clear and concise philosophy.

At Integrated Football Management, our clients are key and football is our world, we have built this through hard-work, passion, experience and integrity: and with an experienced team of business and football professionals, we offer a service that caters for the entire football community and their needs, an all-round service from A-Z and so the story continues…

Andy Drewery – Co-Founder & Director – Integrated Football Management



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