Why Choose IFM

At Integrated Football Management, we do things a little bit differently. How do we do this? By offering a more holistic, innovative and integral approach in football management services.

We listen to our clients, assess their situation and requirements, share our thoughts and teach them our philosophy. The IFM team work to profile and analyse the most suitable options and advise our clients on what we feel is the most suitable solution.

It is all about our clients at IFM, so our team puts our clients needs, goals and ambitions first and foremost, we feel that by doing this mixed with abiding by our philosophy, we have a great formula for success and ultimately provides our clients with the best possible representation on a personal and professional level.

Another key element in what  sets IFM apart from any other football and sports management company is that we offer a range of integrated service.

Furthermore, we work to educate, consult and advise footballers on the best practices on and off the pitch – whether it is about nutrition, finance, lifestyle or education, by choosing Integrated Football Management works closely with our clients to help them in their pursuit to become a successful professional and make the most out of their career and in-turn services their needs, goals and values from the start of their career and beyond.

The IFM team brings its expertise and enthusiasm to bear on any project that we are entrusted with, resulting in true value and results for our clients.


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